Never Before Opportunity For NRI Investors

Real estate investment is a longstanding favourite among Indians. Gold, land and housing have been the bedrock of financial security. NRIs also desire to have their funds securely invested in their homeland. It makes for a retirement/vacation home or a safe nest egg to liquidate in future.

Investing in real estate in India is not merely an emotional decision. It makes excellent financial sense. The Indian real estate market has seen improved regulation and strict enforcement of rules. There is now transparency in real estate transactions. Investing in property is now a secure and lucrative way to park funds. These developments have made investments in this sector very attractive to NRIs. Statistics show that the investment in primary real estate by NRIs is projected to grow from 11.5 billion USD in 2017 to 2022 billion USD in 2022.

Real estate rates have dropped during the Covid pandemic. The period has seen a spurt in real estate investment by NRIs. A depreciating Rupee has only sweetened the deal. Now is the right window of opportunity to pick up attractive operties at never before rates. History has proven that grabbing opportunities offered by rare lows in the market have reaped excellent benefits in the short run and immense benefits in the long run.

Raksha Realty offers two lucrative real estate investment avenues for NRIs. Both are ideal for NRIs looking for safe and secure ways of growing their funds through the Indian real estate market.


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Flexible Real Estate Investments For NRIs

Some NRIs want to invest in real estate without having the responsibilities of actually owning land or a home. Sometimes committing to a home and its upkeep is too much of a hassle. Raksha Realty has the perfect solution. Our offering allows you to invest in our preapproved real estate projects. Your money is secure in land development and building projects and you can reap the profits as the market recovers and grows.

The benefit of this investment is that there is no hassle of selecting and maintaining a property. The costs and time spent registering the purchase of a property and then selling it all over again are bypassed. The investment is scalable. You can invest what you can safely spare at the moment and then scale up your investment as and when it is convenient for you. There is no burden of debt such as bank loans as might be the case with buying individual properties. The scale of investment is entirely up to you. So why wait when you can make the best of the market conditions now!

Homes And Plots With Raksha Realty

If you have had the plan of buying real estate in India at the back of your mind, the time to buy is now! You can cherry-pick beautiful offers at historically low rates.

Raksha Realty makes investment in property a painless and enjoyable experience. As an NRI, doing background checks and legwork to inspect properties is challenging. Our catalogue of properties is pre-approved by a team of experts for legal, quality, safety and other aspects. The background of the builders as well as the approvals and paperwork of the properties are checked before a property is listed with us. Land and plots are vetted after analysing the future prospects of development and appreciation around the locality.

Our expertise lies in clearly understanding the needs of the buyer. We make searching and narrowing down properties easy and straightforward. Once you have chosen your dream home or land we also do the legal paperwork and other formalities for you. As an NRI you no longer have to rely on relatives and friends to select suitable properties when you can leave it to the professionals. India visits are better spent on leisure activities.

Make the best of this never before opportunity. Contact us to be a part of this golden opportunity.

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